Thai Herbal Compress

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Thai Herbal Compress



This herbal therapy is designed to relax muscles, stimulate nerves, increase energy flow, improve circulation, relieve pain and inflammation.


The muslin compress consists of therapeutic herbs like lemongrass, ginger, prai, turmeric, camphor, tamarind and kaffir lime which is the basic traditional blend.


Although, different blends can be created in accordance with the condition that need to be treated. The compress is then steamed, gently pressed and rolled on to the body.


The compress may also be left at an acupressure point to stimulate the energy flow throughout the body. The procedure is not complex but is still extremely effective. In ancient times, it was used as treatments for soldiers after they returned from battles for body aches and pain.


Thai herbal compresses do not only have to be applied to the body when they are steamed. They can also be applied when they’re cold. The cold compresses are recommended for clients with ligament sprains, hematomas, muscle strains and other injuries that would require cold therapy. Cold compresses are first heated for around 15 minutes to release the beneficial alkaloids in the herbs and then they’re frozen.



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