• Bleach

    It helps to combat skin discolouration as well as eliminate severe acne scars, removes troublesome sun spots & aids in balancing the skin tone of the face.

  • Clean – ups

    Do you wish to have glowing skin?
    Everyone resorts to all sorts of treatments, but a definite way of succeeding is to pamper your skin with a regular clean up.This helps to cleanse, exfoliate as well as provides important nutrients.

  • Facial

    Deep cleanse, revitalize, refresh and purify your skin with a variety of facials to choose from depending on your skin requirements.

  • Waxing

    Have too much hair growth for your liking? Get hair free and smooth skin with the waxing choice of your preference. You can choose from chocolate, fruit, pearl waxing etc.


  • Manicure

    They say, ‘well kept nails make a woman.’ We think that’s true. Our manicurists shape and polish your nails according to your fancy.

  • Pedicure

    The word Pedicure originated from the latin word “pedis” which means “of the foot” and cura, which means “care.” Call it pedicure or foot care, at Monalisa we maintain very high standards when it comes to hygiene of foot since pedicures help in preventing various nail disorders & diseases.