• Hair Cuts

    There are flattering hair cuts for every face. As per your face cut , our team of experienced hairstylists will work with you to create a customized look that compliments your face.

  • Color

    A hair color should enhance your skin tone. Our stylists help you choose from trendy highlights to chic shades that compliment your features and complexion brilliantly.

  • Straightening

    If you’re a fan of the sleek and no fuss look then permanent hair straightening should be on your to-do list. Our stylist’s help you achieve that look with quality relaxers.

  • Perming

    Love curly and bouncy hair? If you do, then a perm’s just what you’re looking for. Our stylists will soften, mould and fix the shape of your hair permanently.

  • Keratine Treatment

    Is dry and damaged hair making you conscious? Not to worry, our Keratin treatment will leave your hair silky and smooth.

  • Hair Spa

    Facing problems such as hair loss, scalp conditioning or dandruff..?
    Well our custom made hair spas are one of the best ways of maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your hair. It helps to develop the natural beauty composition of your hair & includes different treatments to make your hair look much more attractive and is ideal for getting the shine back into your hair.

  • Anti – Dandruff Treatment

    Dandruff is a problem that is uncomfortable, annoying, and embarrassing. It is basically dry, flaky skin on the scalp & is often accompanied by itching.
    Our longlasting dandruff elimination treatment not only entails to combat dandruff, but also helps to restore the natural balance of your hair, leaving the scalp clarified, nourished & relieved.

  • Hair Loss Treatment

    A treatment specifically designed for weak & brittle hair.
    Our treatment that uses the Omega 6 Nutricomplex technology significantly reduces the hair loss rate and increases the hair density by 5% in around 6 weeks.

  • Blow Dry

    Having one of those days where your hair needs an instant pick me up? Stop over for a wash and blow dry to leave your hair feeling fabulous throughout the day.

  • Ironing

    Have a special occasion to go to and need something different than your wavy hair? Why not straighten your hair for that day? It will give it a smooth and elegant appearance.

  • Tong

    Are you bored of your straight and flat hair? Add some life and volume to it by changing its structure. Our stylists will give you a bouncy and curly mane that’s styled to perfection.

  • Crimping

    Thin or thick crimped hair, whatever you desire will be on your roots. Get that funky crinkled look on your hair with the help of our stylists.

  • Digital Waves

    Hair just got tech savvy! Want wavy hair? Leave it to us to give you a digital experience to alter the shape and texture of your hair.